Korporatsioon Indla

Sõnasse kindlust, teosse ausust, kodule armastust!


Ühispilt 2013 II 1

Indlaensises celebrating the sorority’s anniversary (2013)

C!I! was founded by ten young students and it might be assumed that their personalities and attitudes provided the basis for the development korp! Indla’s main principles. The name, the motto and the colours of our organisation reflect these principles. Our sorority’s name was derived from a neologism ind of a renowned Estonian linguist Johannes Aavik, which means enthusiasm but also zeal, eagerness, and avidity. Korp! Indla is a place, where all these afore-mentioned features are treasured. The endeavours of the founding members are repeated also in our motto: “Confidence in words, honesty in actions, love of home!”

Principles that originate from the establishment times are followed in the re-established korp! Indla. However, time has made some corrections to the principles. The requirement of teetotalism was dropped, but it is still presumed that the members of korp! Indla will regard the consuming of alcohol with moderation. The rules regulating the life in corporations have also been changed, but these changes deal with the details only, the principles have remained intact.
The colour combination of C!I! is cherry-brown – white – green, where cherry-brown symbolises friendship, white sobriety, and green youth. On top of the cherry-brown cap, which has white and green stripes, stands a Zirkel of the letters V, C, F and I (being the first letters of the words that form a sentence “Vivat, crescat, floreat corporatio Indla!”) which is surrounded by a rosette of ten white arrows.